BitmapFont broken with Lime 3 / Openfl 4

Hi, we all know that BitmapFont is now broken by default because of Lime 3 and Openfl 4, as it needs the no-more exhisting Tilesheet class.
Do I have to stick with the older versions of Openfl and Lime or can I easily fix BitmapFont class to bypass the problem?


Well it depends of what features BitmapFont needs.

If BitmapFont use only a texture atlas with no more less than positionning, scaling and rotation, it should be easy to make it working with Tilemap.

But if you need :

  • color change (for color not in atlas)
  • effects

…it is not possible with Tilemap yet.

But maybe you can use drawTriangles instead of the old drawTiles, it should be more difficult to adapt the code but I think you will have all the features ( + mesh deformation).

I updated the libraries and removed all references to TileSheet from BitmapFont library (they were used in conditional compilation blocks): the application compiles and start running, but there are new bugs that make the application crash. I think I will wait for the non-beta versions of Openfl and Lime, or if I have time I will try to find out what makes it crash and report the details.

Works for me when I remove all Tile stuff and use -DRENDER_BLIT.