BitmapData.fromCanvas on Safari

In html5, I am copying a canvas into a bitmapdata like this:

bitmapdata= BitmapData.fromCanvas(htmlCanvasElement);
pixiBitmap.bitmapData= bitmapdata;

where pixiBitmap is added to stage, It works perfectly on Chrome, however, on Safari 10.0.1, OSX EI Capitan, I’ve noticed that pixiBitmap above is not always showing the copied bitmapdata, the behavior is like this:

pixiBitmap will show the copied bitmapdata once each x time the above code is called, where x is random, sometimes after 40th call to the above code…

any advice?

perhaps replacing the third line with

pixiBitmap.bitmapData= bitmapdata;

ah, no, that was just a typo in question code

Perhaps it’s an issue with the image.version code internally, it doesn’t catch a changed BitmapData? Is this on GL?

in my build file, I have

<haxedef name="webgl" if="html5" />

and I compile by adding this key: -Dwebgl , the canvas that I am copying from to bitmapdata in openfl is rendered by pixiJS, other than that, it’s just as the code above.
I don’t know about that image.version code … how would I know that it doesn’t catch BitmapData? is it hard to debug it? can it be invalidated?

Can you please update me?