bitmapData.draw() crash on windows


I’m new to openfl.
One of my friends is making a software with openfl.
It works well on his computer.
But on mine it crash when we call “bitmapData.draw()”.
(it works well with “bitmapData.copyPixels” but we need some advanced function)

My PC is a Win8.1 with 2 graphic card (“NVIDIA GeForce 820M” and “Intel ( R ) HD Graphics family”)
I’m not sure it matter, but I have a dual screen PC.

Is anyone know to pass this problem?


I reported the issue recently.

It’s been fixed in the git repository or you can wait for the next release.

Ok, i’ll wait for the next version to see if it’s working on y PC.

when shall be next release?

It’s usually a matter of days.

But it’s easy to switch to the latest dev builds.
Install git, and then, run in your command lines:

git clone
haxelib dev openfl openfl
haxelib dev openfl

As seen here:

and here (for Lime):

Works well now.