Bitmapdata.draw cann't work when DisplayObject use filters

I have a problem,In the H5,I use [email protected] ,Bitmapdata.draw cann’t work when DisplayObject use filters.but In the [email protected] ,It can work!,please help me!
class App extends Sprite {
public constructor () {
super ();
var sprite:Sprite=new Sprite();
sprite.filters=[new GlowFilter(0,0.8,8,8,2)];

  var bitmapData=new BitmapData(sprite.width,sprite.height,true,0xeeeeee);
    var bitmap=new Bitmap(bitmapData);
    this.addChild(bitmap);//In the [email protected],can show on the stage.but 8.9.5 cann't.


Does it make a difference if you run bitmapData.disposeImage() before calling bitmapData.draw? or use something like:

var texture = stage.context3D.createRectangleTexture(...);
var bitmapData = BitmapData.fromTexture(texture);

The issue is that bitmapData.draw ordinarily uses a software render where the filters are implemented best using hardware rendering

thank you reply !

my issue is
under openfl 8.9.5 bitmap cann’t display in the stage when bitmapdata.draw target use filters ;but under openfl 8.9.1 it can work.
issue step:
1、sprite use filters; code : sprite.filters=[new GlowFilter(0, 0.8, 8, 8,2)];
2、bitmapdata.draw sprite; code: bitmapData.draw(sprite);
3、bitmap created by bitmapdata; code: var bitmap = new Bitmap(bitmapData);
4、bitmap add to the stage;code: this.addChild(bitmap)
5、under openfl 8.9.5 bitmap cann’t display in the stage;

class App extends Sprite {
	public constructor() {
		var sprite: Sprite = new Sprite();
		sprite.filters = [new GlowFilter(0, 0.8, 8, 8,2)];//**1.use `filters`**
		sprite.x = 200;
		sprite.y = 200;, 1);, 0, 200, 200);;

         	var bitmapData = new BitmapData(sprite.width, sprite.height, true, 0xeeeeee);
		bitmapData.draw(sprite);//**2.draw sprite that use filters**
		var bitmap = new Bitmap(bitmapData);
		bitmap.x = 300;
		bitmap.y = 300;
**// 3、do this,under openfl 8.9.5 Can't display in the stage, but under openfl 8.9.1 it work.**

Yeah I wonder if we should cut an 8.9.6 release based on 8.9.1 to revert some of the in-dev changes we made

HI ,It’s work at the 8.9.6 release ! Thanks