Bitmap Fonts (html5 target) - blurry

Hi. Im using a simple bitmap font ( ttf ) - and when I test it on FLASH target - looks great, but in HTML5 looks blurry.
No scailing, resize or half-pixel coords. (sharpness to 400 does not effect)
Whats I can do with that?
Please help :frowning:

In my case, it happened because the index.html was set to 100% size, that causes the canvas to scale ( if browser’s view exceeds the original dimension) it’s content. That eventually shows everything a bit blurry. If that is the case then setting the dimension to pixels can solve the problem.

Yes 100%100% - but… i tried set to 500px for example. No effect.
In case FF or CHROME (old version) - looks great… But in CHROME latest version - blurry.
Test on WIN10 latest CHROME - blurry, latest FF - good. In XP old CHROME - good.

I say more : i use standart device Verdana font and its really diffrent then standart verdana in html. OpenFL verdana - blurry, no device looks

For example Verdana on this site - sharpness, in openFL blurry )))

Have you tried openfl test html5 -Ddom or openfl test html5 -Dcanvas?

Happy if there are any good recommendations for sharpening things up, this can be difficult to nail down on HTML5 :confused:

No, did not it. How use it? In command line? Please write instructions for FlashDevelop IDE if u can

You can edit the target drop-down in FlashDevelop, instead of “html5” you can click and edit it to be “html5 -Ddom” or “html5 -Dcanvas”

As an alternative, you can also run the full command from a Command Prompt window, in the directory of your FlashDevelop project :slight_smile:

Ok, now Im trying it. Result : html5 -Dcanvas === html5 , html5 -Ddom - change some lineheight from font, kill start masked and so on, but blurry still happend. (CHROME)

Are you setting a window width/height in your project.xml? That can result in your content being scaled, which causes blurring

W/H = 0 (project.xml)
stage.scaleMode = NO_SCALE
stage.align = TOP_LEFT

Please check the test project, font inside.
Check it on FF and Chrome. Chrome is blurry font, why?