Bitmap.draw causing crashes

After updating to the latest versions of OpenFl and Lime we have found that Bitmap.draw() causes our applications to immediately crash for cpp targets. CopyPixels() works fine strangely enough, but we really need that draw() function to work. Has anyone else ran in to this issue yet?

Are you using legacy or next? I don’t think draw() function is implemented in Openfl Next.
You can use legacy mode by adding -Dlegacy parameter when compiling. (e.g. lime test android -Dlegacy)

Thanks for your reply - will draw() be implemented anytime soon? Its a pretty important function for the way we do things and would really appreciate it being available to us.

Yeah, I wonder about it as well, I’d switch to Openfl Next but without draw function most of my graphics don’t display since I’m redrawing vector graphics :slight_smile: I hope @singmajesty can give us some more information on this.

I think .draw() support is in the works now :slight_smile:

Thanks @singmajesty ! … hopefully its not an April Fools gag! :slight_smile:
That would be great if it was on the way. Thanks for letting us know and look forward to getting .draw() back :slight_smile:

On a related note, is graphics.drawTriangles() also not yet up and running for the new OpenFl?