Big Away3d/OpenFL project launched

Hi everyone,

I just announced on the Haxe forum that I recently completed a huge project in Haxe, the RTA Outdoor Kitchen Design Tool!.

Haxe libraries used were OpenFL, PureMVC, Glory, Advanced Layout, and Away3D. Big thanks to @singmajesty - your part is second to none. Thanks to @Greg209 for help with Away3d — your contribution was very valuable to me. Also @player_03 for his great layout library and Cliff Hall for making PureMVC!

Sorry if I forgot anyone! Big thanks to the whole OpenFL and Haxe community!

I say a bit more about the project over on my blog.


I also wanted to mention that this application uses Glory Framework for its page navigation. If you haven’t seen this application framework of mine before please go check it out for yourself!

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