Best way to get gps sensor data on android and ios

Been looking at deprecated extensions through haxelib, is there a way for both mobile plats or is this just a no go right now ?

It looks like this one could be updated, but I’m not exactly sure of the steps

…the following commits to another related extension might help illustrate how the older GPS extension could be updated:

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So there’s no way to get that data in from ios. Scary.
I may be better off with the js.html.Geolocation and encapsulating the js afterwards.

Yeah, I’m not sure I see an existing geolocation extension for iOS. It would require some Objective-C work based on this sample:

Someone could fit this into the standard extension template provided by Lime:

lime create extension NameOfYourExtension
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That just sent me on a crazy web ride raging from cordova to ionic, gradle and friends. Thanks :slight_smile:

I did some work on the nmeXtensions a while ago. Have a look at the LocationManager

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Thanks for the link, will try to follow through, I see I’ll need to actually understand how extensions work. Or make sense of it.