Best Stage3D source for Flash target?

Targeting Flash, I’m currently using the copyPixels method extensively and bitmapdata.draw calls as minimally as possible, but my performance is bordering too close to 30fps on a 30fps target ( sometimes falls down to 28/29 fps, sometimes worse on older PCs ). Adobe Scout is showing me that the bottleneck is indeed just too much time spent on bitmapdata things.

I’m at a point where I want to adopt GPU performance for rendering. I’ve found TilesheetStage3D and haxe-starling as options that use Stage3D, but am unsure which to go with.

One of the requirements for me is that textfields need to be able to render between textures (say, background texture, textfield, then a texture that renders above a portion of the textfield).

Any advice on which is the best Stage3D implementation to go with?

Starling has built-in layering and text fields, so I’d suggest starting there.

If you try Starling, this version works for me currently with OpenFL on all platforms:

I haven’t tested all features, but the “demo_web” sample is pretty stable

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Thank you :slight_smile: I am currently 90% of the way to getting things working with haxe-starling (based on 1.7); will likely swap over to v1.8 in the future.