::linkedLibraries:: became an empty array


from this morning on, the client build of two different & independent buildservers ( Jenkins / Unbuntu ) are not working anymore. I got errors like
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'embed' of undefined at Object.$hx_exports.lime.embed
Looks like the linkedLibraries are empty, i added <!--Linked Libs: ::linkedLibraries:: --> to a custom index.html template and it created <!--Linked Libs: [] -->
I didn’t do any updates and it was working the day before o_O
It still works on my windows desktop


Are you using anything custom that might alter how the output JavaScript is generated from Haxe?

When embedding a project in HTML5 more than once, public static values were shared across instances resulting in strange errors. This was resolved by the latest Lime release by adding a wrapper around the generating JavaScript output file:

We also added support for embedding dependency JavaScript files in the output. We now use that for our Howler and Pako dependencies to reduce the number of files loaded at runtime.

I see, somehow the buildservers got 7.3.0, with 7.3.0 the windows build has an empty ::linkedLibraries::, too, so i guess this is fine. But the windows build works, the ubuntu build does not :confused:

I have no clue, testing stuff on the server ist not easy :confused:

If you like, you could check the two different builds of the same project:
Ubuntu build (broken)
Windows build (working)

Thanks for the links!

Is it possible that your Linux server is still running Haxe 3.2.1?

I just updated the “output.js” template file to work better with older Haxe versions – I can’t test it though because I don’t actually get a working build when I try 3.2 here

Yes, i upgraded to 3.4.7 and it works again! Thx a lot!

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