Basic game architecture and Tilemap Questions

Hi, I’m a programming noob, so apologies in advance for my naive noob questions.

From what I’ve read, it looks like a common approach for 2D games is to use Sprite objects (or extensions of the Sprite class) to represent game entities (player characters, enemies, missiles, etc). How do Tiles and Tilemaps fit in with this?

Do either of these approaches make sense or is there a better approach?

1. All game entities are represented by Tile objects, which may be customised by extending from the Tile class to add additional properties and methods to handle game logic.

2. Tile objects are only used for the visual aspect of the game entities, and all other properties/logic are handled by an additional object that is linked to the Tile object.

Whilst I (simplistically) understand the rendering efficiency benefits of the Tilemap system, do you have to give up the comfort of using the display list to manage a load of DisplayObject game entities? (appreciating that TileContainers can somewhat alleviate this). And what else do you compromise by using Tile objects rather than Sprite objects – Interactivity? Events handling?

Many thanks, Lee