Background transparent on ios and android

It’s possible to set color background to transparent ?
I want to show a video with a native extension in a different view (under the main view) and control it with graphic controller from the main view (haxe view).

This might be possible with some tweaks, though eventually I’d like to support video in the core. Stage might have some options for the background color in ARGB?

I try some trick with option of stage but without result.
Lib.current.stage.opaqueBackground = 1; Lib.current.stage.alpha = 0;

The background of the haxe view is still black.
With native extension and the solution of a transparent background, the solution isn’t far away.

There are a solution in Android to set the background view to transparent :

In your XML set Background attribute to any color White(#FFFFFF) shade or Black(#000000) shade.if you want transparency just put 80 before the actual hash code. \#80000000 This will change any color you want to transparent one.. :)

But i don’t know where i can modify this type of value in template…

This is an old post but it might work or just push you in the right direction. I have personally tried that and it worked.

I try your solution but it seems i can’t recompil lime legacy.
I launch from HaxeToolkit\haxe\lib\lime\2,8,3 :
lime rebuild android -Dlegacy or openfl rebuild android -Dlegacy but nothing appends…
Maybe Joshua can help…

@baik are you using the github version? you can’t rebuild the haxelib versions.

Oops no… that’s why.

I try to recompile lime in dev with @niceneasy modifications and i got this error 3x :
cc1plus.exe: error: unrecognized command line option "-std=c++11" :confused:

btw @niceneasy in your solution there are a line which don’t exist anymore in OpenGLContext.cpp
glColor4f ((GLclampf)0.0, (GLclampf)0.0, (GLclampf)0.0, (GLclampf)0.0);
It’s a problem ?

Perhaps if you use a newer Android NDK?