BabylonHx - Cross Platform 3D Engine

BabylonHx just got its website:

It can work with Lime/OpenFl but also with Snow and NME.


Looks very neat! Thank you for your hard work! I will soon try this for my projects.

wow. that looks really nice. well done

i have been looking for something that can replace openframeworks, but for haxe. so think this might be an option for me :wink:

Amazing work. Thanks
Would certainly give it a try.
Do you plan on integrating it into GameStudioHx in the future (probably not a simple work as having a simple building interface for 3D games is certainly much more complicated than for 2D ones. But would really be a big plus for your GameStudioHx tool that already seems really good (just started to test it :wink: ))?

While I did started to work on BabylonHx to bring 3D to GameStudioHx (a long time ago), GameStudio is now pretty much dead project…
But maybe some day… who knows

@GameStudioHx Does GameStudioHX require that you use a specific API, or could it be used to generate (or manipulate) generic art assets for any OpenFL project?

@singmajesty GameStudioHx does not require you to use specific API. While it does export a few classes (only a few) for your project, those are simply an example of how one would use/parse the main product of GameStudioHx which is a scene description in json format. Its very simple format and in fact it can be used with libraries other than OpenFL. GameStudioHx simply allows you to throw assets in to your project, to arange them, move them around in different layers and define phisics properties on your objects and then it exports all that in simple json file.
Here’s a simple project generated by GsHX: (its quite old though…)

@GameStudioHx Nice!

This is basically the idea of something I’ve wanted to see for a while, integrated directly with OpenFL. I had the idea (maybe this is nutty, but I’m just going to say) to have Assets.getLayout and Assets.getMovieClip, a JSON scene representation could apply to either.

When you getLayout it would return an object that tells you where things were placed, with what meta data, etc, allowing the user to develop their own parser for what they instantiate, and how. This is ideal for a game engine.

…but getMovieClip would go straight to a visual representation of the data, in case someone just wants to see it and doesn’t want to work with the layout tree themselves. This is better for something that’s meant to just look the same, and doesn’t have any complex interaction

Is the editor cross-platform?

It is cross-platform, editor is written in Haxe/NME

Impressive demos!

I’m going to have to give it a try and see if the performance holds up in my own use case.

Wow incredible work! Really nice web. Sad about GameStudio death.
Are the web examples all build using OpenFl/Lime?

Yes, all GsHX demos on website are built with OpenFL.

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This is really cool. And makes it easy just to play around with 3D Stuff with haxe.

Where can I get all of the assets for the samples?

Can’t find them all there.

EDIT: Import from blender works very well, even the Blender landscape plugin. I was trying away3d port, and I had much trouble. Thanks, this is really cool stuff to play with.

EDIT2: … no problem, found all the resources on the babylonhx demo website. I think I was blind.

I need to create “samples” repo on github where every sample would have its own folder/project together with all assets…
But that’s not done yet so in the meantime the easiest way would be to download windows build for sample you’re working on (available on website) and get assets from it.
Like this one for example:

aye a github repo would be great for the samples. doesnt have to be with the download of babylon. im guessing they would be big. so good to keep theme seperate.

aye @singmajesty a total shame about GameStudioHX. im actually interested in it. i was even thinking of unity today to maybe do something with it. but then my senses snapped back in :wink:
but a HAXE studio with inkling of a unity setup would be awesome

Yes, I did that :wink:

Genius :wink:

I checked out the showcase it’s pretty good stuff.