[Away3D] Strange camera transformations effect

Hello. I’m 3D newbie so it may be silly problem. But anyway… I want to implement free-style interactive camera, moved and rotated by mouse, like in popular 3D editors. It seemed to be easy using Object3D methods like moveForward, rotate and so. However I noticed that rotations make followed movement increased by orders of magnitude. I presumed that Object3D is defigned to cast local to global transforms in easy way, I mean, for example, rotation aroud far pivot were update object position as well. This is probably not true.

For example:
trace("Setup", view.camera.position);
trace("Moved", view.camera.position);
var v = new openfl.geom.Vector3D(0, 0, -500);
view.camera.pivotPoint = v;
view.camera.rotate(openfl.geom.Vector3D.Y_AXIS, 10);
trace("Roted", view.camera.position);
trace("Moved", view.camera.position);

Here is an output:
Setup,Vector3D(0, 0, -1000)
hscript:0: Moved,Vector3D(0, 0, -990)
hscript:0: Roted,Vector3D(86.8240888334652, 0, -997.596123493896)
hscript:0: Update,Vector3D(86.8240888334652, 0, -997.596123493896)
hscript:0: Moved,Vector3D(175.3846594436, 0, -995.34416945767)

Distance between position vectors before and after second moveForward is far bigger than 10… Discrepancy grows with rotation angle. Is it bug, misunderstanding or have I just implement position change compensation by hand?

Have you tried doing this using the AS3 version of Away3D?

Certainly not. I’m using only Haxe and have no plans to use other languages. Or maybe should I have?

There was a fix recently for Away3D, I wonder if this is related:

Then another fix:

Seems like this could affect the camera?

I have all haxe libs installed with haxelib. I can use git, but don’t know how to use it with haxelib. Or should I just copy Away3D sources directly into my project directory?

Edit: Never mind, just found how to do it.

I made sure I’m using proper version:
$ >> haxelib git openfl https://github.com/openfl/openfl develop
You already have openfl version git installed.
Overwrite branch: <unspecified> with "develop" [y/n/a] ? y
Installing openfl from https://github.com/openfl/openfl branch: develop
Library openfl current version is now git
Sadly, result is the same.