Away3D –SkeletonAnimator – jointPoses always empty

I’ve noticed there were some changes made in away3d/animators/ comparing to the Away3D version 4.

I can’t find in which exact place jointPoses:Vector (SkeletonPose.hx) is being updated with data.
It seems that SkeletonAnimator.hx always receives _globalPose.jointPoses as empty Vector and can’t start animation because of that.

Did anyone manage to start SkeletonAnimator?

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These lines are blocking SkeletonAnimator:

private function updateGlobalProperties():Void{

  var globalPoses:Vector<JointPose> = _globalPose.jointPoses; // receives empty vector

  for (i in 0..._numJoints) {
	 pose = globalPoses[i]; // null
	 quat = pose.orientation; // throws error: cannot read undefined

Ok. I got it.

joint poses are being retrieved from 3d model file within parsers (away3d/loaders/parsers/) like this:

skeletonPose.jointPoses.push(pose); // local Vector with the same name as in SkeletonAnimator

but aren’t shared with SkeletonAnimator

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Glad you figured it out! I don’t use anything skeleton related but I’m always interested in Away3D stuff.

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