Away3d Openfl can't listen MouseEvent3D

Hi all!
in this build all is ok. When I build this example with last libraries, MouseEvent3D events does not occur. It compiles to all targets, but there is no mouse reaction, even in flash.

actuate 1.8.6
away3d git
lime 2.6.9
openfl 3.3.9

What could be the problem?


I saw your git issue report but I’ve not had chance to look into things at the moment - very busy I’m afraid. Have you tried the current implementation using -Dv2 to compile with the legacy architecture?

I’ll get around to looking at it as soon as I can.


Thanks, Greg!
Compiling with -Dfdb || -Dv2 || -Dlegacy gives the same negative result.
Thank you in advance and wait for news:)

Is this bug specific to Away3D, or should we be able to access MouseEvent3D in Away3D more generally?

Edit: It looks like something that is built into Away3D