Away3d Mouse Occlusion

I have a situation where I need to recognize a mouse click on one mesh and right mouse click on a plane behind the mesh.

FYI, I have implemented the additional middle button, right button mouse events for MouseEvent3D, which work fine.

However due to the Away3D Raycast method of identifying mouse events, where the first object hit fires the event, essentially occluding any object behind, I can’t seem to accommodate different type of mouse events for different meshes.

Is there some method to disable mouse occlusion, or allow for a second hit?

That sounds like mouseEnabled but I suppose you need separate mouseLeftEnabled and mouseRightEnabled properties so you can set mouseRightEnabled = false while mouseLeftEnabled = true

That certainly sounds like it would do it if the raycast mouse hit can only be triggered by the first object, as I need mouseenabled on both meshes.

Even just referencing the mesh via a stage event listener…
requires the pickmesh object to have mouseenabled to work, even though it’s not the object firing the event