Away3D ligths in HTML5

I would like to ask for help someone who has some experience with converting away3d [FLASH] projects into away3d [HTML5]. I can’t figure out how to make lights work properly in HTML5.

I created a sample scene to present my problem. The scene contains point light with the following properties:

my_light = new PointLight();	
my_light.x = 0;
my_light.y = 0;
my_light.z = 0;
my_light.diffuse = 0.4;
my_light.specular = 3;
my_light.ambient = 0.001;

The first image shows FLASH version and second one shows HTML5 version. The two look completely different from each other. What’s more, no matter what properties I use, the HTML5 version always looks the same.

Are lights eligible to use in HTML5? If so, what’s the trick? I will appreciate any advice/help.

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Do you think you would be able to a dev version of OpenFL from GIT? We’ve been doing a lot of work on Stage3D state, which resolved a number of issues in Away3D. Would be great to know if this is resolved. If not, I would be happy to look into it for you