Away3D fps problem when lost focus

There’s something going on with Away3D, each time a flash window loses focus it goes up to the .xml set 60 fps, when it gains focus it goes down to 25 fps. If I crtl+f it stays at 25 fps but if I alt+Enter it goes up to 60 fps in full screen
There’s nothing particularly taxing on the gpu going on, it goes up to 2% +/ gpu usage in 1920x1080.
This doesn’t happen in native c++ target, plays at 60 fps either way.

Hmm, curious

I’m not sure of something in the code that would control this, perhaps its some behavior of the Flash standalone player and Stage3D?

Yes, very weird. Think I understand what was going on now, new Asus laptops that don’t come with integrated intel gfx chips and only have discrete nvidia gfx chips on it have a lot of strange things going on under the hood. Just leaving this here, hopefully to spare some time to someone else this may happen.

  • Have to turn off the 60 seconds continuous record buffer that is constantly going on whenever full screen mode is entered and put in place by something called Nvidia Experience, there’s a general off switch in the properties.
  • Have to turn off G-Sync NVidia for both full screen and windowed mode inside nvidia control panel.
  • The laptop has to be connected to wall power or the nvidia gfx card cuts operation by nearly 50%, this despite any power plan put in place by the OS.
  • It is preferable that the laptop is turned on with said wall power already connected or it can actually continue to limit gfx performance and not be able to come out of this power saving mode.

Combinations of these things were creating seriously weird results, windowed flash would either be at 25 fps with focus and ramp up to 60 fps when focus was lost. Same in full screen. It could also default to 30 fps if wall power wasn’t on. Alt+Enter would full screen flash and pre-prepare for recording. It also entered strange non-set DPI configurations but only at times.
With all the listed stuff corrected it now does 60 fps in flash and native, both windowed or full screen.
Laptops aimed at gamers come with weird stuff pre-installed and asus should really consider abandoning behind the scenes power saving with no clear indication given to the user.
All is well with Away3D, it actually rocks that you are bringing it back.

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