Away3D extension issues with OpenFL 4.X

It seems Away3D had been abit neglected when OpenFL moved to 4.X - although I got a developer on their GitHub page to accept a merge from someone to fix the compatibility issues.

Although now there are 2 other issues with Away3D that have arisen with the changes in OpenFL.

My question is, do we have a guide of sorts or something to help transition from OpenFL 3.6.X to 4.X in-regards to the openfl.display3D.* classes. There appears to be a re-design/re-factor here that broken implementations using 3.X/2.X.

Any advice would be great.

For reference - these are the 2 lines that are broken when trying to build:
openfl.display3D.Context3D has no field removeRenderMethod

openfl.display3D.Context3D has no field setRenderMethod

I can understand what the error is, those methods are no-longer used. But I have no idea how to fix this, or what it should be doing instead with the changes.

We are in the process of making our Stage3D bindings better and more compliant to the API. As a result, there is some dust (and removal of non-standard APIs) as we continue this process.

In the older implementation, you needed to set a render callback, but now you should be able to use Event.ENTER_FRAME as you normally would with Stage3D content

I am seeing the same thing. Any updates on this? I can’t compile any of the examples.

I made progress yesterday on Away3D support

I have the first couple samples running (sometimes with minor patches) and it works in -Ddom mode in HTML5 (where Stage3D does not share a GL context with the core OpenFL renderer), elsewhere I see some flickering, so I need to investigate how our core renderer and Away3D are interacting in Stage3D to improve the behavior

The Stage3D layer is new, but step by step we’re improving it and supporting projects like this