Away3D examples throwing error

On all away3d-samples am getting:

openfl 6.1.0
lime 5.4.0
away3d 5.0.3
away3d-samples 5.0.1 (think it is the most recent.

This is on W10 while doing : lime test flash

Every single one of them from basic, intermediate and advanced directories.
Clueless here.

What version of Flash Player are you using?

Flash Player 11 : flashplayer_11_sa_debug.exe

Edit: Still have some old flash compiles that use away3d and work with it.

I believe we target Flash Player 17 by default, you can try <app swf-version="11" />, and perhaps there are a couple features we are using that should be disabled for older SWF versions

Added to the .xml and it now runs. Thanks will try and find a newer flash player debug version.

On TerrainDemo am getting:

Could this be because of my old player version ?

Edit: This happens when I maximize the player window, if it starts at 1024x800 all is well and nothing is thrown.
Moment I Ctrl+F or maximize it throws.

Edit 2: This happens on a 4k monitor.

Edit 3: Got the Flash Player projector content debugger 27 and the .xml player 11 limitation isn’t needed anymore.
Though TerrainDemo does bork up still.

Hi there.

You can get the standalone debug flashplayer from here:

You’re assumption is correct by the way - it has to do with the resolution of your monitor.
Obviously the demo is resizing it’s textures in relation to the stage size, which exceeds the
texture size limit given by the chosen Stage3D profile. (2048x2048 in your case)

Here’s some more information:

Hi obscure.
Got Flash Player projector content debugger 27.
Couldn’t manage to change the profile to baselineExtended though. That would support 4096x4096 or so it says in the link you provided.

Edit: Though compiling to windows runs stellar with no texture problems.

Hey Franky.

It looks like Away3d doesn’t really support different profiles.
You could try this though:
-open away3d.core.managers.Stage3DProxy.hx
-find this code (should be 604,605):

		if (profile == "baseline")

-change it to this:

		if (profile == "baseline")
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I think it’s a parameter in new View3D:

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Altered the parameter in View3D and it scales up now.
Thanks, running like a charm.

Edit 1 : it goes up to 400 fps, this thing is a monster. Thought it was capped to 60 but that’s probably just for flash.

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