Away3D bsp files

Hello there!
I am trying to implement bsp maps into away3d. Unfortunately, i cant find any examples or any project that could help me achieve that and i would really like to use bsp maps in my project. Is it hard to implement then in away3d so they work properly? Any help or guidance is really appreciated.


Just make easy lumps of Bsp example Quake3 Bsp but somebody has released quake and papervision 3D. It is hard to implement like read to contents from bap

Example Half-life and Quake are very close same but both engines are different. If you can check Xash3D ( made in Russia ) or Quake source from github you can find like definitions
public inline var BRUSH_COL:Int = 0; and etc…

Away3D does not have a BSP parser, it seems, but perhaps it would be possible to write one, or to convert to a different model format that is better supported?

Why not support?

Check quakeone forum MadGypsy has worked project as Haxe and Air App. But it is not much just try convert to hx files.Quakeone - MadGypsy

There was some BSP support in the flash player 10 (not Stage3D) version of Away3D - sources can be found in here :

Here is the original post about it’s support.

Unfortunately, it never made it to the Stage3D 4.x versions. There is a partitioning system in Away3d that supports things like oct-trees (AFAIK - I’ve not used them to be honest) so I presume this system can be used to implement BSP trees.

@Greg209 Good idea - If somebody can replace to hx files. If Away3d 5.x for OpenFL.5.1.x and Lime 5.x

Old code into new code - Who want.

You’re right.