Away3D + 8.9.6 on HTML5


I’ve just updated OpenFL from 8.9.5 to 8.9.6 (along with lime) and apparently all my away3d projects have stopped working on HTML5 - all I get is a black screen. They still work normally when compiled for windows, also I don’t get any issues with the rest of my projects on any platform. There are no errors in the browser console.

Any ideas?

Run your code in your browser of choice and check the console for any errors (Typically accessible with ctrl+shift+i). It could be a very simple thing that’s taking the whole system down. The error info will include where within your source the offending code might be, hopefully it will point to a line specifically in your source that’ easy to fix.

EDIT: I’m, not used to this forum, I thought this thread was in the typescript subcategory

I’m trying Away3D samples ( but all the ones I’ve tried seem to work fine on HTML5.

Could you try rolling back your version of Lime and see if that makes a difference for you? OpenFL 8.9.6 should work with Lime 7.6 as well


URL content not found.
I found It in but not compatible with new libs.

Sorry I meant (link above updated)

I also had a black screen with Away3D on Google Chrome for Mac when using 8.9.6. Firefox worked. No errors in console but the away3d info window showed “no view”.

Rolling back to 8.9.5 fixed it. Lime 7.6.3.

Is this why it isn’t working for you?

It could be. Chrome was significantly lower frame rate than Firefox. I tried doing a new compile with -Dwebgl but Away3D still didn’t show.