Away3D - 3DS rendering issue

When testing out the away 3d examples - there is one for using a 3DS file, that renders an ANT - very nicely.

Works perfect in flash, but on Android - I get wierd behaviour.

It builds fine, no problem - and on my Note 2 works - albeit some minor glitchy rendering.

However the same build on my Note 3 runs, but the image rendering is blank - it won’t render on it.

What the heck is going on? Theres no crash, no verbose output in the console or anything. I would have thought it would work the same on either device - not 2 different experiences.



Are you targetting -Dlegacy (presumably this is for native rather than the web on Android) or using the current default NEXT? Currently Away3D works better with legacy than with NEXT.

Do you see anything in the Android logs?

There are quite a number of outstanding issues with Away3D but I’ve been too busy recently to address them - some are fixed locally and need verifying and pushing whilst others aren’t. Equally the recent change to Next and upgrade to Haxe 3.2 added further issues to the mix.


Do the other examples work OK - Basic_View and Basic_Shading for example? If so, it may be something to do with the shadow mapping and rendering to texture which has been the cause of issues in the past.

You could try commenting out the shadow mapping code to see if that’s causing it.

Basic_View = Renders fine.
Basic_Shading = Renders fine.

For both examples had to set OpenFL-Legacy mode.

The issue is with the example using a 3DS model. Works in Flash, and my Note 2 - but on Note 3 doesn’t render. just a blank screen. :-/

To see if it is renderToTexture related, can you comment out the following lines of the Basic_Load3DS example.

_groundMaterial.shadowMethod = new SoftShadowMapMethod( _light, 10, 5 );
_groundMaterial.shadowMethod.epsilon = 0.2;


material.shadowMethod = new SoftShadowMapMethod( _light, 10, 5 );
material.shadowMethod.epsilon = 0.2;

Commented out those 4 lines - and re-building/deploying on the device.

Okay the ant renders, but the front-facing texture isn’t rendering the texture at all, only the rear half. when I spin the Ant, it reverses so the front render is always “black and white” with the rear in color texture.

Hmm so what does that mean?

Hmm. Not sure about that one yet.

Are you using the releases of Away3D or the current git version? Also are you on Haxe 3.1.3 or 3.2rcX?

away3d: [1.1.0]
hxcpp: [3.2.81]
lime: [2.3.3]
openfl: 2.2.4 [3.0.3]

Does that help?

Using the same versions of the code you’ve specified the ant renders fine on my Nexus 7. Unfortunately I don’t have a Note 2 or 3 to test with so it’s difficult to know what the problem is.

Have you tried running the Android Device Monitor (monitor) and checking the LogCat output and seen any errors from the ‘Trace OpenGL calls’.

Good point like i have problem with Basic_Shading ok but without shadow-effect

If i add shadowMethod than it sees bad why does it happen if i use 2 lights to same material shadowMethod like this

planeMaterial.shadowMethod = new SoftShadowMapMethod(light1, 4, 4); planeMaterial.shadowMethod = new SoftShadowMapMethod(light2, 4, 4); planeMaterial.shadowMethod.epsilon = 0.2;

than i try “openfl test windows -Dlegacy”

Than i check Basic_Shading application. But shadow see if i move flipping than shadow sees bad :frowning:
Check youtube

Thanks and anything help to fix? If who can fix shadow class from Away3D ???