Audio only on the right in Chrome

I have a problem with audio when targeting HTML5: in Chrome I hear sounds on the right only, left channel is completely mute. Is this a problem of Chrome, OpenFl or both? Am I the only one experiencing this problem? If I’m not wrong I read about a similar problem a few months ago, but I can’t find that page.

I have the same issue with ogg sound on chrome.

I’m not sure if this is a browser bug or a SoundJS bug

Perhaps it could be patched by doing a “-0.00000001” or something on the pan values here:

Worth a try?

That worked for me:

#if html5, 1, new SoundTransform(1, -0.0001));

restorer solution is easier and works :smile:
It’s the pan-power :boom:

Anyway a definitive solution would be better, how can we understand if the problem is in SoundJS or in OGG files? In FF the OGGs play correctly.

I fixed this yesterday :wink:

Uh great, I will remove the fix as soon as I will have the new release.
Thank you Joshua!