Async load and sync usage

I am trying to load resources asynchronously and use them synchronously.

I have different resources for desktop and mobile: now I load both of them by setting the paths in the project.xml as embedded resources, but I need to set them as not-embedded, load them in a preload phase (with loadText, loadSound, whatever) and instance them when needed as before with getText etc (and not as soon as the download is complete).

Now I am (pre)loading the resources (loadText, loadSound etc) with cache set to true, but when trying to get them it tells me I have to load them asynchronously: I thought that (pre)loading them “transformed” the resources from asynchronous to synchronous, allowing to get them with i.e. getText.
Am I missing something? Maybe the Assets class doesn’t work as I expected? What is the “cache” parameter aimed to?