Assets.getSound crash on Android

OpenFL 8.9.5, Lime 7.6.3

<assets path="Assets" rename="assets" exclude="*.swf"/>
Select.mp3 exists in Assets folder

Crash on line:
Assets.getSound("assets/Select.mp3").play(0, 1000);

Works in HTML5 build

For any cpp target you need .ogg files

Convert them with any convertor you can find and then ask for the .ogg version :grin:

Really? Cannot play mp3?

Yes, you need to use the Ogg format. In general, you can use the assets tag to achieve:

<assets name="mp3sound" rename="sound" unless="cpp"/>
<assets name="oggsound" rename="sound" if="cpp"/>

Here’s the issue:

Would love to see MP3 decoding support