Assets audio or sound

Hi guys,
I have just found a possible incongruence in the documentation:

and here

the list of possible asset types is


but here

they use “audio” too (even if they don’t mention project.xml).

I have always used “audio” for sound/music asset folders without any problem, is it correct?
Where is the truth?

Audio is not a type, it probably automatically tries to detect the type if you use an unfamiliar one

So I have to use sound and music, right? Do I need to split the sfx and music files into 2 folders?

If you don’t set the type, the tools detect the type automatically based on the extension.

If you want to set a type, you could always do something such as <assets path="sound" type="sound" include="*.wav" /> then <assets path="sound" type="music" include="*.ogg" />

What’s the difference between sound and music type? Buffering type?

The idea was to distinguish between sounds you want to load into memory, and sounds to be streamed as it goes. Both behave the same in OpenFL 4 at the moment.

Thank you Joshua.

Any plans to distinguish the behaviors?

Yeah, in the future we’ll do more with streaming, but for now it doesn’t really matter (I don’t personally use type attributes at all)