Assets and manifest for an app launched by other .exe


I have an app that work great as a standalone but I need to use it as a module (main .exe calling a module .exe). Main.exe and module.exe are in different folders. It seems that in legacy, my app (module.exe) can load the assets without problem (as a standalone or as a module). But as soon as I use Next, I need to move the assets folder and the manifest of the module next to the main .exe to make it works.
What can I do to keep the 2 .exe and their assets in 2 differents folders?

This may have something to do with changes to the “executable path” API in Haxe.

Are you using to open the second executable? can you Sys.setCwd to the module directory before you do?

Or you can use BoxedApp Packer if your exe is finish with correct manifest than you can “embed” manifest to current executable than you can other executable ( made BoxedApp Packer too ) and you can try other exe

Thanks for your reply. The main executable is not an Haxe app. But you probably right, I have also switched from haxe 3.1.3 to 3.2.0.

I can’t modify the main.exe so I need more control on my OpenFL app. Maybe I can cheat on the manifest, but I will lost standalone mode (which is not a problem).

Try printing Sys.getCwd() in your application, before accessing assets, and see what you get. Perhaps there would be a way to fix the current working directory before the rest of the application runs