Asset packing of SWF assets

I decided to give the asset packing a try and added:

<library name="default" type="pak" />

to project.xml. If targeting HTML5 it looks like it’s packing all .eot .woff and .svg
fonts into default.pak but apparently the SWF assets aren’t touched. There’s still an
assets subfolder containing images from the SWF and an assets.bin file.
Is there a way to bundle those SWF assets too?

SWF libraries are currently a different asset library type than the packed asset library. We might consider doing a merged format in the future, or perhaps condensing how we generate SWF content – though we have seen better performance using separate files

Thanks for shedding some light on!
Packed SWF assets would be really awesome since one of the arguments for packing regular
assets (graphics - sounds) is obscuring. With SWF assets all of my swf’s images are now easily

Thank you, we’ll keep this in mind