Asset loading time limitation

I have a trouble with loading large asset files on slow internet connections. If one file from assets is loading more 30 seconds Preloader never complete… No errors, no traces, just stop loading

I see: lime/net/HTTPRequest.hx has initial value for timeout:

		timeout = 30000;

but how can this value be changed for Assets? may be some settings in project.xml or compile directive?

When you use directly on native platforms, you can change this timeout value. You may not be able to on HTML5 or Flash.

We could expose this (theoretically) on idle timeout, as AIR does, but to date, we’ve avoided AIR APIs in OpenFL

However, I’m beginning to feel that perhaps we’ve implemented the timeout wrong – it should be an idle timeout, not a total timeout, which allows for a long download. Does that sound right?

I’ve just created an issue here :slight_smile:

Yes, idle timeout is better.

This should be fixed in the latest releases :grinning: