Asset loading stopped when embedding Font in Html5

Whenever I try to embed my fonts while targeting html5 like this :
assets path="assets/fonts"
or any other way :
assets path=“Assets/fonts/Cairo.ttf” id=“Cairo”
…the loading of the assets fails and I have no error message in the console logs (I can see in the navigator console that the sounds, texts etc are loading).

To make the fonts work I used this workaround but had to disable the embedding (assets path=“assets/fonts” unless=“html5” )

BTW for a while when I was compiling I had the following warnings :
Warning: Could not find generated font file "assets/fonts/Cairo.eot"
Warning: Could not find generated font file "assets/fonts/Cairo.woff"
Warning: Could not find generated font file “assets/fonts/Cairo.svg"
I converted the ttf file to woff, eot and svg files and put all of this in"assets/fonts” . The warnins disappeared but it didn’t change anything to my problem.

Any idea ?

Does the “AddingText” or “PiratePig” sample work? Both of those should use embedded fonts

Thanks for the answer. Indeed they work.
After some more experimentations it seems that the Arial.ttf font that I was using was causing the html5 embedding problem.

To “solve” it :
I realised that it was the system default font, used “Arial” as font name, removed the Arial.ttf file and everything went fine (even if I did not understand what happened!).

Hope it helps to solve some issue.

You can probably also use _sans, which maps to sans-serif in the browser :slight_smile: