As3hx conversion: errors converting comments


i’m converting an air application (about 500k lines) to openFl targeting html5. I’m using as3hx 1.0.6.
I am experiencing many troubles depending on comments present in original code.
My classes are heavily commented, and the converter doesn’t correctly solve comments after missing semicolons, and, worse, comments close to if-else-for statements (i.e. comments before “else if” or after “if (a) { //comment”, etc).
The result is a big waste of time due to many manual corrections in the converted classes to reach a correct compile of classes.
I don’t have enough skill to maintain as3hx source code.
So, is there anyone that experienced the same troubles? Or someone that made some implementations to as3hx to solve these kind of errors?
Any further advice is welcome.

It won’t help at all but I had the same problems while converting my as3 game. I don’t think I had missing semi colons to start with so I guess I didn’t get some of the problems you are getting.
Most of the comment blocks were offset after the first line, which is “cosmetic” but lowers readability.
In many places ‘{’ were put on the same line as the comment that was just a line before in the as3 code. I fixed those manually.

My target being c++ I also had to replace all ‘as3hx.Compat’ code, I think I only use FastXML from as3hx now.

Sorry I don’t have any advice : I share your pain but modifying as3hx seems a bit out of my reach at the moment. I have no idea how much work / time it would require.

Despite the issues, as3hx saved me a lot of time I think

Depending on the files, I’ve also done manually find/replace to migrate code. You can look at how as3hx does some of the conversions, or ask, and we’d be happy to help with porting bits of code to Haxe.

There also appears to be fixes on the Github version?

thank you for sharing (pain); i agree that as3hx gives good results despite issues.

Now i’m using as3hx github version 1.06 which already includes fixes that you mentioned. As3hx needs more fixes: on github there are other open issues like the mentioned above. I would be glad to contribute, but after a look to as3hx classes, i need many days (maybe weeks) to go in deep in the code, and i don’t have such time. It could be very helpful for me to know how to debug the as3hx source code in IntelliJ, like Flash builder does with Air: I read somewhere that is not possible to debug source when targeting Neko. If it was possibile i could try to fix some issues…