AR (augmented reality) in OpenFL

I’m looking for AR (augmented reality) options for mobile apps. On the AS3 side I’ve found a couple of libraries, FLARToolKit (which is GPL, so problematic on mobile unless they have decent commercial options), IN2AR, which is a bit expensive if you have a lot of markers.

Another problem with both of these is AIR is really not very fast when it comes to using a Camera feed in a 3D scene. An upcoming VideoTexture feature they are adding to Flash/AIR should help, but that feature hasn’t even been enabled in the beta builds for mobile yet.

Is there anything in HaXe/OpenFL that can do AR in a sweet way? I guess I would need some way to pipe a CameraFeed to Away3D or some other 3D package efficiently, and a HaXe AR library.

I’ve also been looking at rolling my own AR solution (using Away3D or Minko or something), but that looks like a lot of work.

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well, first of all, you need an extension to get the camera feed on the mobile platforms (ios and android i suppose). from there, i’m not sure exist something for AR for OpenFL why is mainly focused in 2D. maybe in haxe there is something, but i doubt it. if you need to process the camera feed, you could try to link the OpenCV mmobile lib into the project as a native extension, and call the functions from haxe to recognize the markers and then do the operations, could help you to speed up the process. apart from that, when i looked at the 3D engines for haxe, all of them had important bugs, so i’m not sure how reliable they are.

good luck !

Yep, first step is camera support, it’s in NME, it would definitely be possible to add, after that, since we’re at a native level, it should be possible to stream that feed into a GL texture or something else that can perform well. Then it’s a matter of making sure one of these libraries work. What APIs do the AR toolkits really need? Just raw BitmapData access or something?