Applying a tint on HTML5 target

Hi, I am trying to create a paint bucket drawing app using openfl, I have done something similar using createjs but not quite getting there in openfl. All of my assets are exported out of photoshop as pngs, there is a line drawing outline and then bitmap shapes that I have exported as separate pngs. in my class the outline is placed above all the other bitmap shapes. I would like to tint those shapes, anyone done anything like this before?

In Flash, there is a transform.colorTransform property on display objects, this is disabled currently, as I don’t know of a fast way to perform this in Canvas and Cairo rendering.

In the meantime, you can do colorTransform on a BitmapData, which could help with tinting. bitmapData.floodFill would also be useful for paint bucket fills

Thanks, that will work nicely.