applyFilter and colorTransform broken on HTML5 target

I am fixing my projects to work on the latest Openfl/Lime (coming from Lime 2.9.1+Openfl 3.6.1), and I noticed that applyFilter (with a ColorMatrixFilter) and colorTransform applied to a bitmapData don’t work anymore.
With the old libraries I was using applyFilter and it was working perfect, but now I can’t do anything with both methods, targeting canvas and webGL.
Any solution? Workaround?

What version are you running? bitmapData.colorTransform should work properly, and recently we added support for transform.colorTransform as well (using cacheAsBitmap)

Lime 5.0.3 + Openfl 5.1.2

Did you have the chance to check if it is a ColorMatrixFilter bug?

Any chance to see ColorMatrixFilter working soon?

I am currently trying to replace it with colorTransform, it seems to work, I was doing something wrong before for sure: is it possible to recreate saturation + brightness variations with it?
Brightness alone is easy, but I don’t know if it is possible to combine it with saturation.