App renders incorrectly on resume and touch events don't line up [Android]

I’m having a strange issue that’s 100% reproducible on my device, including with samples such as HandlingMouseEvents.

When I suspend and resume my app, the entire stage is moved down 90px. The app’s background color displays in a bar across the top as though I manually adjusted the main display object.

However, touch events (I’m using the MouseEvent api in this case) still act as though everything rendered correctly. In order for an object to receive a click/mousedown event, I have to touch the screen slightly above where it displays on the screen.

The device I’m using is a rooted Kindle Fire running stock Android 4.4. No non-haxe apps have this same behavior.


I’ve done some more testing here and it seems like the inaccuracy is most severe at the top of the screen, and gradually improves as you go down. Objects at the bottom of the screen respond correctly.