Api.lime.software and api.openfl.org won't load

Guys, both API websites throw a (index):4 Uncaught ReferenceError: toggleTheme is not defined error and won’t load. Could someone please take a look?

Right now everything works for me.
In any case, you can generate documentation locally:

interesting. cos Chrome and Firefox both show that toggleTheme() is undefined


It appears that dox 1.6.0 added a dark theme, and our templates will need to update to match or we’ll need to roll back the version.

I think this occurs only for you, because the “system prefers dark mode” logic is true on your system/browser and false for mine.

I’ve updated both GitHub - openfl/api.openfl.org: API documentation and GitHub - openfl/api.lime.software: API documentation to lock Dox to version 1.4.0 to resolve this issue. Please try visiting the API documentation again and refresh your browser :smiley:

I’ve also opened an issue to help describe the steps required to upgrade to Dox 1.5.0. This will have to occur in both the Lime and OpenFL repositories before a new tagged release to be used on the new API pages.

Thanks so much for alerting to this issue!

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Thank you @singmajesty for the quick fix