Anyone still using Away3D?

Hi Guys,

I need some general help or info from someone who’s using 3D in Haxe/OpenFL.

  • Is Away3D still something I should consider for a 3D desktop/mobile/browser app/game, or is there a better engine out there?
  • What’s your overall experience with Away3D, is it worth spending time with it? Is it feasible to build a commercial 3D game with, is it mature enough?
  • How do you make your models and textures? Away3D tools are long abandoned, so I’m looking for an affordable (possibly free) app that I can edit models and textures with and which of course exports compatible formats

Thanks a lot in advance

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Hi, yes we are using Away3D (now in OpenFL) in our commercial project. However we are doing card games so it’s not too complex. The project for our use case is stable, though. Nothing that we miss.

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You can make pretty much anything in Blender, totally free.

I’ve been using it a bit. It’s still in active development and it’s mature and stable. It’s a great choice if you want to target both desktop and mobile. I have most experience exporting Collada files from Blender but I’m sure other file formats and workflows are equally good.

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Yeah I think Away3D need supports like fbx :confused: We would like to add AutoDesk FBX SDK latest version and BEBu ( Physic or Collision Engine )

Then we haven’t problem if Away3D is still alive.

What can’t you import to away3D that you can import through the .fbx format ?

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Why not? Away3D has not implementation of FBX. But MonoGame has all formats like fbx, 3ds, dae and obj etc …

We would like to add more features for Away3D. Who made with Away3D?