Anyone familiar with Steamwrap?

A look at the github and a Google search doesn’t turn up much in the way of help or a support forum. As such, I thought I’d ask here to see if anyone could help me.

Based on my testing so far, the steam sdk is properly set up with Steamwrap, but for some reason it isn’t detecting the Steam client. I get the following error when I try to run Steamwrap’s test executable: “Steam failed to activate”

Looking at the “init” function in the Steamwrap’s “Steam” module shows this:

// if we get this far, the dlls loaded ok and we need Steam to init.
// otherwise, we're trying to run the Steam version without the Steam client
active = SteamWrap_Init(steamWrap_onEvent, notificationPosition);
if (active) {
	customTrace("Steam active");
	//initialize other API's:
	ugc = new UGC(appId, customTrace);
	controllers = new Controller(customTrace);
	cloud = new Cloud(appId, customTrace);
	workshop = new Workshop(appId, customTrace);
else {
	customTrace("Steam failed to activate");
	// restart under Steam
	wantQuit = true;

If I understand the comment at the top, its detecting the SDK just fine, and I have the Steam client up (we’re talking about what one would use to browse the storefront and play games, aren’t we?) Any thoughts on what’s wrong?

You could make an issue (or better yet, search existing issues) on the steamwrap github repo. Be sure to note what versions of steamwrap, Haxe, and hxcpp you’re using.

Also, you could try Visual Studio Code with the vscode-hxcpp-debug extension and step into that init function and try to see what’s happening.

Good luck!

I use a forked version of SteamWrap which include networking and matchmaking (making an online mulitplayer game)
Make sure to add you own appID in your project.xml

   <!-- Replace the question marks with your Steam App ID -->
   <setenv name="STEAM_APP_ID" value="??????" />

   <!-- OS X only: Set this value to the same value as the file property of your <app> node, this is needed to embed things into the generated .app file -->
   <!-- Setting this for other platforms won't do any harm, so you can safely leave it enabled for everything -->
   <set name="APP_FILE" value="??????" />

And in your code like in the test.hx
var appID:Int = -1; //PUT YOUR APP ID HERE!
If you don’t have an app id yet, you can use the ID “480” to use the “space war” steam game ID for testing.

Edit: You also need to launch steam before starting the game.

I was having the same problem (Steam failed to activate), but it was because I was logged into steam with my player account instead of my developer account.

Whoops, I forgot about this topic. Sorry guys.

I have since been able to resolve the issue, but thanks for all the feedback.