Any way to run HTML5 offline on a device?

I need to run an app on an iPad that’s going to be offline. When double-clicking the generated .html file it doesn’t finish loading because it fails to load resources with xmlHttpRequest, because “cross origin requests are only supported for protocol schemes: http, data, chrome, chrome-extension, https, chrome-extension-resource”.

Any idea I could make this work? It could be a workaround on the generated file or something. For some reason the client doesn’t want to go native…

Thanks everyone.

The solution is to use HTML5’s cache manifest - we’ll load the app before handing the devices to users. The only issue is that the “Add to Home Screen” seems to completely ignore the cache settings, so for now we’ll have to run it on the browser with the big, ugly address bar at the top. Better than nothing.

You could also consider trying a native build (keep it a secret :wink: ) or packaging using phonegap or another “HTML5 as an app” solution (though I assume a native build would be simpler)

I didn’t know what PhoneGap was for, seems like it would be good fit. Thank you!