Any solutions for video on windows target?

I really need to find a solution for video support on the windows cpp target.
So far no solution exists for this, right?

Are there active plans to implement this? Any good workarounds for now? any ffmpeg extern that work? …Or any solution at all :slight_smile:

Video is, indeed, a major problem on openfl. Besides the flash target (that you can use for windows deploy as AIR) and a very limited html5 support, I see no way to use it…

There are extensions that I know people have used, the goal is to add support for video officially in the future, but it isn’t here yet

Try this one?

Thanks! I looked into that one (from soywiz) some time ago.

Its quite unstable, and the issues from here are still happening :
But in 1 out of 10 times running it does not crash and does infact play the webm video…

Also, there is no sound, … it seems to be because openfl non-legacy does not provide a sound SampleDataEvent.SAMPLE_DATA for native targets because sound generation is not supported yet… is that correct?