Any plans on writing a book?

I have what I think is a good idea for a toddler’s game, and I am just wondering if openfl is now mature and stable enough (not changing the API too much) for someone to want to write a book.
I know there is a free and complete book online at The book is in spanish (which I speak), but it is outdated.
I would be interested in buying a book for beginner/intermediate programmers (350+ pages), since all I have taken is a class on Flash and also a couple of programming classes (javascript and java). I have no work experience and I would be doing this as a hobby. Thanks.

There was some talk about it at some point (somewhere in OpenFL tutorials)
but haven’t seen anything yet, it’s a really big project.

What exactly do you mean by outdated? OpenFL implements the flash API so that shouldn’t have changed too much.