Any plans on implementing "tabIndex (TextField.tabIndex property)"?

Are there any plans to implement this function into openfl? Or at the very least is there a way to mimic this? Been searching but have not been able to find any info on how I can accomplish this.

Well, one workaround would be to listen for KEY_DOWN events, check if it’s the tab key, and manually pick the next text field. Use stage.focus = textField to set the focus, and use textField.setSelection(textField.length, textField.length) if you need to place the cursor at the end.

tabIndex worked for me in a .swf export I did.

In another project (html5), before I was aware of tabIndex, I had something like

class TabEnabledTextField extends TextField
  function new () {

  public var next_field : TextField;

  private function onKeyDown(e : KeyboardEvent) : Bool
    if (e.keycode == Keyboard.TAB)
      Lib.current.stage.focus = next_field;
      return false;

when I try to do
stage.focus = comment_text_field;

The application crashes. I am not getting any errors it simply crashes.

I’d love to see tabIndex implemented, sorry it isn’t implemented yet.