Any plan to add p2p networking to extension-steamworks?

Hi there, I’m wondering if there is any further plan on this extension.

I need to implement p2p networking for my game and I was trying to use the cpp/_std/sys/net/UdpSocket.hx and got it working locally but I don’t have the ressource/skills to do the necessary NAT punchthrough with a public rendez-vous server to get through NAT.

So I’m looking at Steamworks API that does this, and can also help to find friends, having a lobby, chat etc…
The extension doesn’t include networking yet, is this plan for the future or should I try to maybe convert YellowAfterlife’s work on gamemaker steamworks integration.

Thank you !

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I would love for extension-steamworks to continue to grow and expand. First, I want it to work without having to modify template files, and perform special steps for “steam-appid.txt” files and other workarounds. This may require coordination between the Lime tools and the extension to accomplish, if it’s not possibly to seamlessly support this goal yet. Then I think there’s plenty of room (assuming things are okay to be included, MIT-licensed) on supporting additional Steamworks APIs. That’s what its there for :slight_smile: