Any help with intellij idea setup - problems with el crapitan

well i think this may have been asked here. but i guess for personal note and also for anyone else really.

but i am having a bitch of a time since el crapitan has done its bad thing of letting us developers ‘keep on developing with no barriers’. if you can spot the sarcasm, good on you :wink:

so i followed jason sturges well. and know it off by heart. but this setup is for yosemite sam. not el crapitan.

does anyone have a good work around to get intellij to work on el crapitan. i get this error every time no matter what, and i just feel stuck on this now

many thanks if you can help. i think i will also post a github issue if someone has not already

ive posted a issue on the jetbrains site for it. looks like no one else has posted that, which is strange

anyone? anyone who may know what can be done until things are fixed?


Do you have Neko working from /usr/local/bin/neko and /usr/local/lib/neko/neko?

yeah. its all working fine and dandy. i use neko all the time from sublime or atom