Any feedback on HaxeUI 2.0 with openfl?


right now I am porting my as3 mobile app to haxe, did code conversation but as it uses starling/feather I still compile it to adobe air mobile app. This approach works as a temporary solution but in long term, I would like to get rid of air platform completely. Just wondering if anyone have tried out (something more than the just hello world) HaxeUI 2.0 on mobile targets using openfl, my plan was to drop starling/feather and use just openfl + haxeui. I am mostly interested in performance/stability issues.

Thank you.

Hi Hersir,

Can’t comment about HaxeUI 2.0 : when I started porting my as3 game almost 6 months ago I looked into it and it seemed to be in an unfinished state from what I saw at that time (maybe I was wrong).

I’d be interested in feedback as well.

Currently I use stablexui and I like it a lot. At first I was a bit worried as coming from Feathers it seemed to be lacking on the layout part (I used AnchorLayout a lot with Feathers).
I still use Starling for the game itself so far.