Any differences between build commands for Flash Develop vs. command line?


I’ve been using OpenFl/Haxe for a while & compiling my code via the command line using “lime test windows” etc. Recently, I switched to FlashDevelop & noticed it compiles using “haxelib run openfl …”

(Specifically “haxelib run openfl run < path to project.xml > windows -debug -Dfdb”)

Are there any subtle differences between the two I should be aware of? As far as I can tell they do the pretty much the same thing - maybe there are some minor differences tied various compilation flags. BTW, does anyone know it’s 'lime test …" instead of “openfl test …”?



“openfl” and “lime” commands are short for “haxelib run openfl” and “haxelib run lime”. These are installed in the Haxe directory (files called lime and and openfl). The -Dfdb is used for the debugging and tracing function in Flash Develop.

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Thanks sea_jackal! This is helpful.