Antivirus Issues

I just had something very bizarre happen.

I was troubleshooting a runtime bug with Steam achievements using traces. As I was making these changes and adding traces, my anti-virus suddenly jumped in and held my game executable hostage, claiming it was a piece of malware. After having this happen several times and finally restarting my computer, it has since stopped and I can’t seem to reproduce it.

At first I thought maybe I’d screwed up the project XML when I commented/uncommented the “no traces” flags, but I don’t think it would have even built had that been the case. The issue seemed to start after I added a trace for an integer, though again, I’m now doing the same thing with no issues.

Does anyone have any insights into how I’d explore this? It could just be a fluke, but I want to do due diligence and make sure an enduser isn’t going to also have a false positive.

Maybe you (somehow?) traced an integer that was identical to some important memory value that the antivirus software thought you (wrongfully) stole from some other part of the system? Or maybe there was a memory access problem in the Steam extension, and it assumed that bug was malevolent?

Its been a week and I still haven’t encountered this issue again. Weird.

Ah well, weird stuff happens sometimes. :wink:

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