Antialiasing for 3D

I am doing the conversion of an AS3 project to Openfl, targeting HTML5. This project is based on Away3D, and I noticed that the quality of antialiasing is scarse, if not totally absent: how do I set a decent level of antialising? The View3D.antialias property doesn’t work.

I’m not sure, this may require some testing. Not sure if there is a WebGL approach to this?

Do you mean an external parameter or something to set directly in JS in the web page?

I’m not sure, something in the options when the canvas element is created, a property, or something else that isn’t OpenFL/Away3D, but WebGL specific, for the browser to anti-alias more nicely

Do you think this should be forced in the JS code generated by the compiler? I don’t think it can be activated from outside (from the web page containing the JS).

I think antialiasing isn’t available in certain browsers anyways…

Is there a way to specify WebGL renderer dimensions (say 2x canvas dimensions)?

Even if it was possible I think the 2x -> 0.5x technique would be very heavy if not handled by hardware.

I’m currently working with away3d. Had the same problem with antialiasing as View3D.antialias does nothing for HTML5.
The solution is simple set antialiasing in your project.xml file

<window background="#ffffff" fps="60" antialiasing="4" if="html5"/>
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Oh yes! This is what I wanted to hear! Thank you, I’ll give it a try as soon as I will be back on the project.

Well, it doesn’t work… :frowning: